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Client Testimonials

We are writing to express our appreciation with real estate agent Harris, who represented us in selling our house in Grapevine. Harris guided us through the entire process of selling a property and made so much effort to sell our house as quickly and smoothly as possible. We could not have sold our house without him.

All in all, we are nothing but pleased with Harris and his expertise and we recommend him to everyone.

—Jorge and Arzu Martillo

I had a very good experience with my DFW Realties realtor. Originally I had another realtor. That realtor was a smooth talker and did not listen to me at all. He made snide remarks about the potential houses I liked. In particular the one I ended up purchasing. I decided that I needed someone who would listen and work with me. I found my realtor on DFW Realties. She contacted me and we met within the week. I was looking to purchase a house by the beginning of August so her ability to meet with me quickly was a definite asset. We bonded the moment we met. She went out of her way to send me listings of houses that I could afford and the areas I liked. She was always available for questions. She was patient and understanding throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in the process of purchasing or renting a home.

—Amy Noman

It would not have been possible for us to get this beautiful home without your responsiveness, knowledge and eagerness to work proactively and decisively.

We will be moving into our new home end of this month.(I had my sister’s family visiting from India and I was busy with taking them around the country). I am also planning on visiting India early next month (a lot happening quickly).

—Hiren & Madhavi Desai

When my husband pointed out the house he wanted to buy, I merely laughed. We could never afford it. But my realtor with DFW Realties suggested we take a look, and when we did I wished we hadn’t. The house was gorgeous—mouthwatering even. All the upgrades and bedrooms I felt I certainly didn’t deserve. I was the first to leave, and I was frustrated that this beauty would now constantly be on my mind. But my realtor said he’d give the builder a call. Maybe they could come down in price. “Yeah, whatever,” I thought

Not even an hour later, my realtor told us he’d talked the builder thirty grand down in price. The number was unbelievable to me—I’d seen homes at this price and none could compare. We jumped into the car and another hour later we were signing contracts.

But my realtor didn’t stop there. He persuaded the builder to include an additional outrageous package of upgrades while my husband and I sat trying to keep our jaws hinged shut. We were the novices who hadn’t even managed to bring a checkbook for earnest money. But somehow everything worked out. No one could understand our market, our budget, our interest, and our taste better than our realtor with DFW Realties. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. We’re now in our dream home all because of this realtor. I’m not even in my thirties and my husband and I both agree this house will content us for the rest of our lives.


We were amazed to find DFW Realties so responsive and willing to assist us in the purchase of a home in the DFW area, while at the same time giving us a 2% rebate on the sales commission. Their realtors are truly professionals who are willing to give their time and efforts to meet with the buyer on the buyer's schedule. I truly think working with a DFW Realties Realtor provided us with a high of a level of knowledge of the market, negotiating skills, and access to our Realtor to assist us with any questions, all at the same time of providing us with a 2% rebate of the sales commission. We were so happy with our experience; we will definitely use DFW Realties the next time we purchase a home.

—Anthony and Sandy L.

DFW Realties was referred to us from a good friend who used her as a realtor in the sale and purchase of their home. My Realtor was highly recommended and did an outstanding job with the sale of our home. After calling them, we agreed to meet that evening to agree on a price and were able to get our house listed (with pictures that were arranged for us) within a matter of days. Our house went on MLS on Saturday morning and we had two offers on Sunday. Thanks to our Realtor’s experience, she was able to negotiate with the two buyers and get us $10k over our asking price. She was very helpful throughout the process and was always available for questions. We have referred several additional friends to DFW Realties and would definitely use their services in the future.


My wife and I recently bought a house in Fort Worth, with DFW Realties’ help. Our Realtor did a tremendous job for us, and we were very happy that we picked her as our Realtor. She was very knowledgeable about the different homes in the area, and she helped guide us through the whole process. Whenever we would call or email her, she was surprisingly quick to get back to us with an answer; and she was available to meet us in the evenings and over the weekend for showings. One thing that happened to us was we had a bit of a problem that came up during closing. Our Realtor handled the situation very professionally and gave us her honest opinion how we should handle it. We appreciated having DFW Realties working on our behalf as they definitely added value to our search and purchase. I would highly recommend DFW Realties


Working with DFW Realties to rent our home was an easy, stress-free process that surpassed all of our expectations. Our Realtor was very efficient in finding good, well suited tenants and was very attentive to our requests, always quick to respond (even in the evenings!). When trying to buy, sell, or rent our home in the future we will not think twice about using DFW Realties.

—Sean & Carolyn Beville

DFW Realties far surpassed my expectations. They always got back to me right away and went above and beyond on all our negotiations. They made both buying and selling my home drastically easier. It always felt good to know they were on my side.


I wanted to write and tell you how extremely satisfied I am with your service. I've been in the middle of many real estate transactions with family and friends during the past few years and none of them were as easy or professional as the last two transactions (bought and sold) with your company.

I am extremely pleased with how quickly you handled any questions or concerns that I had. It seemed like I could call day or night, week day or weekend, and always have my calls answered. The few times I did leave a message I was always called right back. I liked the fact that you know how to email and other technologies to get things done much faster than others I've dealt with.

Whenever I'd make a request, whether it is for offers, clarification, or advice, I felt like I was receiving the highest level of service from an experienced Realtor who actually cared about me and my family.

I found your website always up to date and well laid out. In fact the entire reason I was able to buy my current house is because of your real time up to date MLS search. I saw the house go on the market on Monday morning and had my offer in by Monday afternoon. This house generated enormous interest among buyers and I would have lost it without your tools.

While we were negotiating with the sellers of my house I has hoping to have them do about $500 of roof repairs to fix a few missing shingles. While I was waiting for their response to this request my Realtor called and informed me that she had negotiated an entire brand new roof that cost over $5,000!

Without question, the best part of DFW Realties is your incomparable pricing. When adding together all of the money that I've saved by using your service to sell me house, buy my new house, identify pitfalls, and negotiate the best deal, I know that I will tell everyone I know about you guys! There's nothing like the feeling of walking into your recently closed “dream home” with a new roof, no regrets, and a $2,500 rebate check in the mail!

Thank you for all that you've done!


I just want to take this time and say how extremely grateful and amazed I am with my realtor. I contacted her in December 2009 and a month later put an offer on a house that I thought would be awesome for my family. We haggled back and forth several times. We finally got an accepted contract and had an inspector come the next day. Turns out the house needed way more work than the eye could see. We backed out of that one but soon found a bank owned property. Again we went back and forth with the listing agent for this property (who was no help to us!) and unfortunately with my type of loan could not get an accepted contract. Shortly after that we found a third house where we haggled again and finally got an accepted contract. We are scheduled to move in a week or two. This will be the second home that I have purchased. Dealing with listing agents and loan officers has been extremely stressful this time around, but my realtor would always reassure me that everything was going to be ok. My realtor treated me as though I was her #1 client. With my line of work I have a different schedule, sometimes I work nights and then days. I have emailed my realtor at 11:00 at night and 6:00 in the morning and it seems like she never sleeps because I always got a response shortly after I emailed her. Thanks again to my realtor and I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family!


Leasing a home can be very tedious and time consuming, as we have recently discovered. We spent quite a few hours searching on the internet before discovering DFW Realties. The descriptions and pictures of the available homes were accurate and up to date. We only had to make one call and the search was basically over. The agent we spoke with compiled a list of homes and scheduled a day to view the homes. We were very pleased that our agent worked with us through the entire process and responded promptly to each and every issue, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

We would like to thank you for making our leasing experience worry and trouble free.

—Sincerely, Lara and Clint

One stop realty shop with excellent service, people and reputation. DFW Realties has helped me as a seller with all my realty needs. Very knowledgeable staff answers all questions very quickly. Day or night, someone seems to always be available to respond to my needs. My Realtor was able to negotiate a better deal than expected. All of this, plus very competitive pricing. I highly recommend using DFW Realties

—Gus S.

I am extremely impressed with the service that my DFW Realties Realtor has provided me. It is above and beyond my expectations. They genuinely care for my housing needs and what I want. There is no pressure. My realtor showed me homes until I am satisfied. She is available anytime I want to contact her. Over the past couple of decades, I have used several realtors and I have not been this impressed with other realtors before. My realtor provided us excellent service with always a smile on her face. She really cared and was extremely motivated to find the right home for us. I would recommend DFW Realties to everyone, undoubtedly! Thank you, DFW Realties!

—Ray White

I found our realtor to be a very diligent and knowledgeable agent who offered key suggestions throughout the course of our home search. There is no doubt that our purchase would not have been as successful without DFW Realties! I would recommend DFW Realties to everyone!

—Aaron & Leticia Torres

Being a first time home buyer can be a really frustrating experience. I can attest to that. However, the smoothest part of my buying experience was with DFW Realties. They truly went above and beyond to help me secure the house I wanted. If it wasn’t for them, I probably would have lost the purchase as well as a lot of money my Lender told me to put in before actually closing on the house. But back to DFW Realties...they are AS ADVERTISED. I dealt with Sunny and she was available day and night for any questions or concerns I had. I had to request multiple extensions on the close date. When it looked like the Seller would back out, Sunny came to the rescue multiple times to get the extra time I needed to close. She put her reputation on the line and vouched for me that I could close the deal. Other realtors probably would have dropped me and moved on to the next client. Not her. She voluntarily put in more time on my case and still gave me the full rebate, no questions asked. DFW Realties even threw in extra because one of my appointments to meet was canceled. I am forever grateful for DFW Realties and would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat

—Jason & Tina

I purchased a home through DFW Realties and was very pleased with their service. My realtor was always attentive and quick to respond at any time and any day of the week. She showed me several homes and was patient in my search for the right one.  When I found a home that was perfect, she negotiated a great deal!  She was quite knowledgeable and helpful with all aspects of purchasing a home, showing me how to apply for financing and how to negotiate lender fees.  I saved a few thousand in lender fees and secured a good rate without buying any points.  At inspection, a few things came up and my realtor again did a great job in negotiating these repairs.  On the whole, I was able to close with ease within a few weeks of placing the contract.  Because of my realtor's attentiveness and relentless efforts in negotiation, I am very happy with my purchase and with my decision to hire DFW Realties.


We (Ram and Shipra Majji) would like to thank and write our sincere & honest testimonials for our realtor when we owned a home at 9921 Buckingham Lane in Frisco. Our home was in great condition and well maintained, but when we placed in market twice with realtors with over 30 years of real-estate experience, we had no luck in selling during the good and bad economy. In a desperate situation, we hired our realtor with dfwrealties.com and it was like God sent his messenger. Our realtor was technology savvy and she knew what needed to be done in order for us to sell the home. She placed the house in market with minimal tweaks to the house (about $100 attractions from Wal-Mart), she send a professional photographer who took fabulous pictures. Apart from that she placed our home on the www.realtor.com as a showcase home. Within 2 days there were 7 buyers and our home was sold within 3 days in market. Amazing, Amazing and Amazing work on the part of our realtor. We have already started telling this story to many of our friends and they would like to hire her in selling their homes.

—Ram & Shipra

We were very pleased with our dfwrealities.com realtor. She was very valuable when it came time to negotiate our seller repairs and the rebate program was a huge help to our first home purchase. Thanks to our realtor and dfwrealties.com!


We were extremely impressed with the guidance and expert service that our realtor provided throughout the home-buying process. She was willing to put in long hours getting contracts prepared (including during a weekend) and always had a happy attitude. She demonstrated a great knowledge of the intricate real estate laws and procedures, giving us sound advice at every turn. The end result was a successful offer - we got the house we wanted most.

After our great experience buying a house with our realtor, we also hired her to help us sell our old home. Once again, she quickly helped us get our home listed and immediately we had buyers scheduling to view our home. Within a day we had our first contract, and within a week we had accepted an offer! We can recommend DFW Realties to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the DFW area.

—John & Jill

My realtor at DFW Realties has been a wonderful agent for me. She is always available to talk to me, and is very knowledgeable in her field. Her advice has been extremely helpful in the purchase of this house. I feel that DFW Realties has my best interests in mind, and has worked very hard to make this experience as easy and as painless as possible. I will definitely recommend DFW Realties to everyone looking to buy or sell Real Estate in the DFW Area.


I am a first time home-buyer and had no idea about the real estate purchase process. I was nervous and over-whelmed but wanted to purchase a home. I found my dream house, which was a FSBO. My realtor followed up with the owner,and negotiated a contract for me. I was given a list of inspectors, lenders etc and was always told to shop around. DFW Realties did not care who I used, and did not try to pressure me in using anyone. They had my best interests. I am a very busy person in retail and have to manage a store. I do not have internet and my realtor always came to me with all the paperwork that is needed. At times, she would drive at 9pm in the night, if needed. I wanted to put my contract in before the first time home buyer credit ended, and she did everything she can to get it in. She is available and always responds to my phone calls promptly. I get personal attention and very high customer service with DFW Realties. I referred my friends to DFW Realties and would continue referring people to them. Thank you so much.


My realtor at DFW Realties was EXCELLENT! She stood by me at every step of the way, until closing. I could not have asked for a better realtor. We ran into a couple of unfortunate delays and she was very patient and helpful. The services provided by my realtor, Emma, were great! I would definitely recommend her and DFW Realties to everyone. Thank you!

—Juan Azpeitia

I highly recommend DFW Realties. My husband and I utilized their services last year to sell our home and I could not be more impressed with my realtor's professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness. I've experienced a lack of response in the past working with other Realtors and I was very pleased to find that my realtor was always available when I needed her, and always had the answers I needed. Thank you so much, and we will definitely use DFW Realties again in the future should the need arise!


We want to thank DFW Realties for the work they have done in helping us sell our home. We have been amazed at the number of potential buyers who have come to look at our property, the support and the availability at every step by phone and email, anytime or day or any day of the week and their expertise. We are thrilled to have our house under contract. The timing has been perfect! Thanks again! —Jim & Janet Crouch

—Jim & Janet Crouch

I am writing to express how happy I am with the service and attention I received from DFW Realties. My realtor was very patient in understanding my needs and diligent in showing me homes meeting those specific needs. I liked a particular model that wasn't available then, but the builder advised me that construction would start in a few weeks and that the home would be available in three or four months.  Knowing that the builders' contracts are constructed by their own lawyers and with the builders' best interest in mind, my realtor advised me to show it to an attorney before signing.  Unfortunately, I did not heed the advice, as I assumed their status as a well-known builder would secure me from any potential problems.  I signed the contract and gave $15,000 as a down payment.  I also renewed my apartment lease.  A few months passed and there was no sign of construction.  When I contacted the builder, I was advised there was a delay and that the home would not be ready on time.  I then contacted my apartment leasing office, who told me that my lease could not be extended as my apartment was scheduled to be remodeled.  My realtor understood my problem, and after a few weeks of hard work got my money back.  Neither DFW Realties nor my realtor made any money from this.  I also want to point out that my realtor was available all the time and that she returned my calls and emails promptly, regardless of the time of day.  Since friends had advised me that this attentiveness is not the case with many realtors, it was refreshing to have someone readily available.  I will feel secure having DFW Realties on my side in my future transactions.  Thank you so much!

—Billy, Buyer

I would like to share my feedback concerning my experience with DFW Realties and specifically, Brandi Hargrove. I have been living in a duplex in Euless for the last few years and was notified by my landlord a few weeks ago that he has sold the duplex and I needed to be out in 30 days. I began a frantic search for either a duplex or rental house in the Irving/Euless/Bedford area -- with Irving being my desired area. Visual listings are very important for me -- I need to be able to read the descriptions and look at the pictures several times. I especially liked that aspect of your service. Brandi listened to me, made very wise recommendations, and I found her to be very pleasant to be around. She would give me her honest feedback and was able to point things out to me that in my rush to find something, I was overlooking. She kept in mind the things I had said were important and even had to remind me of them a few times! I trusted her. Despite a personal emergency in her family, Brandi made herself available to me at all times. She understood the urgency of my timing and went above and beyond what I would ever have expected her to do. I appreciate her so much. I particularly appreciate how she encouraged me one day when I was really discouraged. She was right -- we did find the right one! I moved into my new Irving rental home this past weekend and am very, very happy. I would be more than happy and confident to recommend Brandi and DFW Realties to any of my family and friends.

Thank you so much and I trust you find Brandi to be as much of a blessing as I have.


I just wanted to say that our REALTOR at DFW Realties was extremely helpful and accommodating in finding a home for my husband and I. We just moved to the DFW area a little over a month ago and she really was the only realtor who contacted us when we wanted to start looking at properties. She was professional and always there for us when we needed her. She did a great job!

—Matt and Sarah

My realtor from DFW Realties helped us find, buy, and sell our home so fast it made my head spin, but their expertise and real estate know-how made me feel at ease. I was more so grateful for their accessibility and willingness to answer all my questions, along with their negotiating prowess that made both deals possible.